Incorporated on September 10th 1998, the Brazilian Licensing Association (ABRAL-LIMA) is a non-profit entity which brings together all business platforms in Brazil: licensors, agents, licensees, manufacturers, distributors and retailers among other sectors directly or indirectly involved with the brand licensing market, image or intellectual and artistic property trademark.

ABRAL-LIMA boards over the past years have aimed at promoting, defending and disseminating the development of licensing.

On October 4th 2018, a new board of directors took over the management of the association. Aiming at the development of tools and content, the new president introduced a new management model with a view to disseminate licensing business in Brazil before the various segments of the domestic economy, therefore strengthening the domestic licensing market in the medium term.

ABRAL signed a partnership with LIMA – Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association, an organization based in more than 15 countries, that licensing, through the qualification of professionals in the field and awareness of the benefits of licensing to the business community in general.

The initiative will benefit all those involved in this market, which handled R $ 17 billion in 2016 and aims to promote the growth of the licensing market in Brazil and bring Brazilian brands to the world.

In addition to the benefits offered by ABRAL, members now also enjoy all the benefits of LIMA.

This will generate a lot of business for the Brazilian market!